Do You Need the Help of OUI Lawyers in Lawrence KS?

by | Sep 15, 2014 | Lawyers

When you are arrested on suspicion of drunk driving (OUI), it is imperative you are aware of your rights, so they are protected at all times, throughout your arrest. Though you may have broken the law and driven under the influence, this does not mean your rights are no longer valid. Through this information, you will know how to proceed during your arrest, so you do not invalidate your rights and cause problems in your case. Through these tips and the help of your OUI Lawyers Lawrence KS, you will be thoroughly prepared.

One of the first things you will hear when you are arrested, is your Miranda Rights. These were put into place, to make sure people who are under arrest fully understand their rights. Unfortunately, most people are too upset during an arrest and are not paying attention to their rights being read. It is imperative you listen to your rights as they are being read. This will help you to know how to protect them, so your lawyer will be able to help you through your case.

One of the rights you hold involves you remaining silent. This is important, because talking could lead to you giving the police further information to use against you. Make sure you keep quiet and you will avoid any issues that could cause problems with the OUI Lawyers Lawrence KS being able to represent you fully.

You also have the right to avoid questioning until your lawyer is present. You should not make any statements or answer any questions until your lawyer is present. If you are asked any questions, demand to see your lawyer first. The police must abide by your request, because it is the law.

Finally, with all the other rights you hold, you have the right to hire an attorney to represent you. If you cannot afford an attorney and meet the criteria, you can have a court-appointed lawyer to represent you at no charge.

If you are dealing with an OUI charge, Contact Jeffrey W. Jones Attorney At Law and get the legal help you need. He will be glad to represent you in your case and will work to make sure you get the best possible outcome. Contact his office today and find out how he can help you.

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