Do Your Injuries Require the Help of a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in Norwich, CT?

Do Your Injuries Require the Help of a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in Norwich, CT?

A catastrophic injury is one that occurs to the spine, spinal cord, or brain. These injuries can result from car accidents, slip and falls, assault, and medical negligence. When a person experiences this degree of injury, it can affect them for the rest of their life. And when someone else has caused such an injury, they can be held liable for the damages they caused, even if it was unintentional. Those who have been seriously injured need the help of a catastrophic injury lawyer in Norwich, CT.

Unfortunately, these injuries can cause serious and lasting repercussions. Some people become so injured they are never able to live a normal life again. People who become seriously injured often end up getting the run around from the insurance company working on their claim. Often, they are forced to settle for much less than they deserve. But with the help of a lawyer, a person can be sure their rights are being protected and they will be able to get a better outcome for their case.

The first meeting with the lawyer allows the victim to fully outline how their injuries occurred. If the lawyer feels the case will stand up in court, evidence will be gathered from the discovery phase to make sure there is a strong chance for a win. If an insurance company is involved, the lawyer will begin putting pressure on the adjuster to make sure they are fair in their settlement approach. If a fair settlement is not offered, the next step will be filing a complaint in court.

If a claim is filed in court, the catastrophic injury lawyer in Norwich, CT will work to prove liability and prove the measurable damages of the injured client. This is done with the presentation of medical records, bills, medical professional testimony, eyewitness testimony, photos and videos. If the jury finds in favor of the plaintiff, they will decide how much compensation is awarded.

If you would like further information on pursuing a serious injury case, click here. Stephen M. Reck is a lawyer who works on behalf of injured people, giving them a voice and helping them receive fair compensation.

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