Does Your Child Need Pediatric Urgent Care in El Cajon?

Does Your Child Need Pediatric Urgent Care in El Cajon?

Regular doctor visits are an important part of caring for your child and helping them grow up as healthy as possible. However, routine care isn’t the only thing your child will need. Emergencies may pop up that require care outside of regular appointments. This will require you to make use of pediatric urgent care in El Cajon. Understanding what requires a trip to this type of center will give you more confidence you are making the right choices for your child.

Sudden Illness

There’s no harm in waiting for regular office hours to take your child in when they have a simple cold or another minor illness. However, if your child has a high fever or one that won’t break with medication or your child is lethargic or otherwise acting out of the ordinary, a trip to pediatric urgent care in El Cajon may be needed. They will be able to determine what is wrong with your child and provide the appropriate medication to help them get better faster. They can also advise whether a trip to the emergency room is a better option.


There are many accidents that take place around the home. Whether your child falls out of a tree or off playground equipment outside or something happens within the home, sometimes pediatric urgent care in El Cajon is a better choice than the emergency room. As long as the injury isn’t life-threatening, urgent care centers can often provide the same services with shorter wait times and a lower cost than a trip the emergency room. This can give you peace of mind your child’s injury is cared for with less stress.

If you’re looking for pediatric urgent care in El Cajon, visit the Children’s Physicians Medical Group website for more information.

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