Does Your HVAC System Encourage Skin and Eye Seasonal Allergies?

Minor allergies that cause sneezing, runny noses and congestion can be a nuisance and many people learn to live with them. When your air conditioning and heating system is not cleaned and serviced regularly, you may be increasing the effects of the allergies in your household, making life unbearable. In conjunction with your HVAC experts, you can reduce a high number of allergens from floating around your property.

Reducing Your Allergic Reactions

Around your home, individuals can become allergic to dust mites, mold and dander from animals. Where individuals hurt from all three they may suffer with poor allergy responses and potentially, asthma difficulties.

Although there are pharmaceutical driven precautions that can help reduce the suffering during the worst parts of the year, it is better to design your home and your HVAC system to reduce or eliminate the problems, to reduce your dependency upon pharmaceutical results.

Many people do not know which allergies they suffer from. Itchy eyes may be the result from your allergy, but until you have been tested you may not know what decisions need to be taken to reduce allergens in your home.

Your dermatologist will help define which skin allergies you suffer from. The ophthalmologist will help solve any eye itching and burning problems which may or may not be seasonal. For sinus problems, you may be directed to an otolaryngologist.

Reduce the Mold Growth in Your Property

Reducing and eradicating mold growth in your home can be a simple as controlling the humidity levels inside your property with your air conditioning and heating system. Although humid climates encourage the growth of mold, where you can keep the humidity below 50% you will be reducing the moisture required for mold to actively grow. This is also important in basement areas, even if you do not use them regularly. Clearly bathrooms and kitchens have increased humidity levels so close management of your HVAC system is essential to reduce humility in your home.

Regular replacement of the air filters in your HVAC system, perhaps every month, will help you avoid the purchase of a whole house air filter oration system, but this type of system may be necessary if the allergies are ruining the lives of the occupants.

Forever opening and closing doors and windows will dramatically change how your air conditioning and heating system works inside your property. Apart from allowing outside allergens to enter your property, your system will be working overtime to maintain a balance inside.

To clear away the dust mites, replacing mattresses and pillows regularly can be excellent for your property, but not so healthy on your wallet. You can purchase covers for these bedroom items that reduce or eradicate dust mites in your property.

Being able to reduce the number of annoying allergens floating around your property, will greatly reduce the suffering for those individuals. By adjusting your air conditioning and heating system, by applying the correct filters to your arrangement, you can rapidly reduce some of the problems in your household.

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