FAQs About Crowns Answered By A Dentist In Keizer, OR

FAQs About Crowns Answered By A Dentist In Keizer, OR

In Oregon, dental crowns are used to protect damaged teeth. They are used to connect each end of a permanent bridge installation and after a root canal procedure. The following are FAQs about crowns answered by a dentist in Keizer OR.

What Types of Dental Crowns are Used?

  • Porcelain: These crowns look the most natural and blend in easily with surrounding teeth. However, patients cannot bite into hard substances with them. They aren’t as strong as natural teeth and could fracture. The dentist may restrict the patient’s diet if they acquire these crowns.
  • Porcelain with Metal: These crowns are essentially a metal alloy crown that is covered in porcelain. By using both materials, the patient achieves strength without aesthetic hindrances. Since the porcelain is fused to the metal it is less likely to break.
  • Metal Alloy: These crowns are constructed of metal only. They provide a silver appearance and don’t blend in with other teeth. However, they are the strongest form of crown available. Dentists use these crowns when a baby tooth is damaged and needs further protection.

How are Crowns Installed?

The first dental visit consists of acquiring the model for the new crown. The dentist numbs the tooth and surrounding gums in the affected area. Next, they reshape the tooth to accommodate the crown. After the tooth is prepared, the dentist acquires the model and sends it to the lab. The dentist creates a temporary crown to protect the treated tooth. The patient cannot consume any foods that may stick to the temporary crown.

Next, during the second visit, the temporary crown is removed. The dentist fits the new crown over the treated tooth. If it provides a proper fit, the dentist uses cement to secure the crown over the tooth. If the patient experiences any discomfort, they’ll need to visit their dentist quickly.

In Oregon, dental crowns are a popular choice for correcting tooth damage. They are produced in a color that matches the natural teeth. The color allows them to blend in with other teeth easily. Patients who need a crown Visit Salemriverfrontdental.com to schedule an appointment with a dentist in Keizer OR today.

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