Dog Bite Injury Attorneys in Minneapolis, MN Look at Why the Extent of the Injury Isn’t Always the Main Thing to Look for

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Lawyers

It seems obvious that a person bitten by a dog can pursue legal action against the owner of the dog that bit them. There are plenty of times where this happens and the results can be favorable and fair for the person injured. But, how does a case traditionally play out? What are the specifics that can change the course of a case from a high compensation for the injured to one that is dismissed with no clear resolution?

The answer has likely to do with the mounting evidence. The evidence for dog bite injury attorneys in Minneapolis, MN is usually circumstantial and based on who saw the situation clearly. Eyewitnesses can offer a pretty powerful testimony in a dog bite case, and photographs of the injury are obviously huge as a point of evidence. The problem is that an injury only offers a clear glimpse into the results; it does not help round out some of the bigger questions that need clear answers.

  • Did the injured provoke the dog in any way? Was there a moment where their actions encouraged the dog to attack and ultimately made the injuries substantially worse?
  • Was the injured trespassing? The answer may be simple, but it gets complicated, for example: a person could have been trespassing, they were chased back to their own home and the bite happened in the person’s home. They are missing the full picture. Jury members would potentially miss the pertinent details that led to the final bite. Context helps, and trespassing is not assessed in the extent of the injury.
  • Are there previous concerns or complaints about the dog? If so, it can favor higher compensation for the injured. The reports need to be backed up, and not just pulled from recent conversations. That could show a bias towards the case.

The concerns above have little to do with the actual injury or the extent of it, they have almost everything to do with eyewitness reports and evidence that can substantiate the claims. Dog bite injury attorneys in Minneapolis, MN use context, powerful and personal reports, and the history of the dog to build a pool of evidence. Rutzick Law Offices can be contacted to begin the discussion towards a potential lawsuit.

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