Don’t Take It for Granted – The Positive Impact of Emergency Medical Transport on Patient Lives

Don’t Take It for Granted – The Positive Impact of Emergency Medical Transport on Patient Lives

When medical emergencies arise, prompt and knowledgeable care is of critical importance. Far too many sad and tragic stories exist in which patients might have been saved or at least better served if medical personnel had simply arrived a few hours or even minutes earlier. To prevent more of these situations from happening, it’s important that emergency medical transport is accessible and available when people need it.

What Does Emergency Medical Transport Offer?

While first responders that are available in emergency medical transport do treat more minor injuries and illness, they are also responsible for helping patients avoid death and permanent injury by getting to them right away when things go wrong.

Some of the many services offered by emergency medical professionals include:

  • Supporting and correcting breathing.
  • Controlling bleeding and maintaining proper circulation.
  • Attending to wounds and creating temporary wound dressings as needed.
  • Providing resuscitation for patients who are no longer conscious or breathing.
  • Emotional support for those in shock or traumatized by their injury or illness.

Angels in the Skies

The roads of the world aren’t the only place where emergency medical transport is changing lives. Flights are also available by both plane and helicopter to transport patients to or between medical facilities. These flight nursing professionals are making a difference in many lives by providing access to emergency medical services in remote areas and helping to prevent death by reaching patients sooner than they would ever be able to by landbound ambulance.

It’s no secret that many more people would suffer far worse fates if it weren’t for the work of skilled, caring nurses and first responders. Making those professionals’ services available by mobilizing them only further helps to minimize loss of life and unnecessary illness or injury around the world.

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