Duct Cleaning In Des Moines, IA Should Be Part Of A Regular Maintenance Program

A commercial kitchen exhaust hood should be inspected on a regular basis and should provide an adequate access panel to the ductwork. Certain businesses did not invest in the proper access that’s needed to keep the system clean and reduce the chances of a fire occurring. Duct Cleaning in Des Moines IA safely and efficiently removes the grease and dirt buildup that happens within a kitchen exhaust system. Regular inspections can monitor the amount of accumulation within the walls of solid fuel or stir fry systems.

What Areas Should Be Cleaned In The Ductwork?

Hood areas, all interior ductwork, air flow portions of fans, and any location where the air changes directions should be cleaned to the bare metal. Although the grease exhaust filters are part of the system, they require a separate cleaning from the Duct Cleaning in Des Moines IA providers.

Protection And Cleaning

After duct cleaning has been completed, coatings should not be sprayed. All electrical outlets or connections should be protected throughout the process. The pilot lights will be extinguished before the cleaning begins and should be lit when the job is completed.

What Happens When The Cleaning Is Complete?

Work areas around or under the fans, roofs, hoods, floors, or under ducts should be left clean after the duct sanitation has been completed. Stainless hoods should be polished and left to look like new.

Will A Business Be Notified Of Any Deficiencies In Their System?

If a business doesn’t have an access panel or there are any signs of wear of the fan motors, blades, or any other part of the system, the technician documents it. They will also recommend an affordable solution to make the system work as efficiently as possible. Failing to remove the grease, dirt, and grime from an exhaust system could result in the smell traveling back into a kitchen instead of to the outside.

If you own or manage a business that has a kitchen exhaust system, it’s important to not ignore the maintenance and cleaning it needs to remain operating at peak performance. Iowa Fire Control has years of experience performing duct and restaurant hood cleaning, power washing fire extinguisher services, training, and so much more.

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