Funeral Directors in Bel Air Help Families Learn More About Today’s Common Choices

Funeral Directors in Bel Air Help Families Learn More About Today’s Common Choices

When someone has to arrange a funeral for a beloved family member for the first time, this person may not care at all that other people do in similar circumstances. However, if they haven’t gone to pay respects at a funeral for many years, they might wonder whether their ideas are appropriate. They should feel free to ask questions of Funeral Directors in Bel Air in regard to possible choices such as having a casual memorial service instead of a funeral.


Anyone who has not been to a funeral in over a decade may not realize how personalized these farewell ceremonies have become. Photo boards, video displays of photos and short films, and representations of the deceased person’s hobbies are common. It’s even possible to display a fisherman’s favorite rod and reel along with pictures of this person and the best catches.

Casket Rental

People who need to stay within a relatively tight budget may think of other ways to cut funeral costs but may be unsure whether their ideas are acceptable. They’ll feel reassured when Funeral Directors in Bel Air tell them that many families rent a casket for the showing and then have the deceased relative cremated. Not having to buy a casket saves thousands of dollars.


In fact, cremation has become an increasingly common choice because of the affordability and the family’s preference for a less elaborate funeral and burial. Funeral directors now find that about half of their arrangements are for cremation. That is a dramatic increase from about 50 years ago when only about four percent of people chose cremation.

The family members also may not be sure if it’s possible to buy a smaller burial plot and have an urn with ashes placed there. Funeral directors with an organization like Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services can provide information on this option as well. Cemeteries do generally allow this option for people who prefer cremation but want to routinely visit a cemetery where a headstone marks a grave. It can be a source of future comfort to visit and set flowers there. Please browse the website for information.

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