EBL Interiors In Bonita Springs FL Offers Contemporary Design Solutions For Homes

Residents of Southwestern Florida who love sophisticated contemporary design can consider design companies such as EBL Interiors in Bonita Springs FL. Contemporary design style relies on simplicity and high-quality furnishings to make its design statement. Using top quality home finishes, flooring, doors, furniture, and kitchen elements contributes to successful contemporary home interiors in Florida. Contemporary design elements should flow from one room to the next contributing to a sophisticated, uncluttered look that is functional and impressive to guests.

Design firms such as EBL Interiors in Bonita Springs FL start with the kitchen and bathrooms and continue on with the remaining rooms in houses, apartments, or high-end condos. The kitchens feature top-end cabinets by the Italian manufacturer Snaidero, top end appliances, and cutting edge finishes such as stainless steel counter tops. European design features are perfect for contemporary kitchen designs. Neutral colored walls with splashes of color in furniture and accessories lead to a very attractive, timeless design that is easy to live with. Changes in accessories can alter the look without major work being done.

Bathrooms in restful colors with cutting edge, high-quality fixtures, ceramic tile, and flooring remind one of a spa setting. People who work long hours at stressful jobs need to be able to relax in a top-end bathroom. Every aspect should be carefully considered from storage to lighting to mirrors and bathing facilities. Flooring and shower doors can be additional decor features. Decorative doors and large art panels can be important decor features in high-end contemporary interior spaces.

Living rooms, offices, and bedrooms should have comfortable furniture and clean line storage pieces for entertainment equipment, books, and other belongings. Bedroom closets are another area where good design is very important. Picture a walk in closet with good lighting, mirrors, and seating in addition to the clothing racks and shelving built to meet the homeowner’s needs. Sleek, effective window treatments that give privacy and control outside light are also important. When all the details are taken into consideration, the result is a sophisticated and functional home interior that will remain in style for years to come. Visit the Website for additional information.

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