How Can a Speech Pathologist in Old Saybrook, CT Help?

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Health

The ability to communicate effectively is crucial in many situations. When individuals find that they are unable to speak with others and be understood, things can become frustrating quickly. A Speech Pathologist in Old Saybrook CT can provide help with many of the underlying issues connected with speech issues. Here are some examples of how the professional can help.

Dealing with Stuttering

One of the more common impediments to communication is stuttering. Along with making it difficult to participate in conversations, this type of issue can also limit opportunities to advance in the workplace. The patient suffering with this condition will also experience a great deal of frustration that leads to avoiding social situations. With the aid of a Speech Pathologist in Old Saybrook CT, it is often possible to identify the reasons for the stuttering and begin to retrain the patient so the situation can be controlled.

Learning to Speak After a Stroke

Strokes can leave behind a number of physical issues that limit the ability of the individual to move and to speak clearly. While the physical damage from the stroke may or may not be reversible, a speech pathologist can assess the patient’s condition and provide help in learning how to speak once more. While the speech may never be quite as clear as in the past, being able to interact with others will go a long way toward being able to enjoy the company of others once again.

Dealing with Swallowing Issues

While most people think of a speech pathologist as dealing mainly with issues surrounding speech and enunciation, medical professionals of this type can also provide support when the patient is having difficulty swallowing. This includes changes that tend to narrow the throat or impact the muscles used while attempting to swallow. With the treatment and therapy offered by the pathologist, the patient has an excellent chance of learning to manage the issue effectively.

When it comes to any type of health issue that affects the ability to speak or swallow, working with a speech pathologist makes sense. Click here and learn more about how this type of medical care can make a difference. After the first visit, it will be possible to set goals and work toward making things better.

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