Elevator Technologies Inc Provides Elevator Solutions in Washington DC

Waiting until a serious problem develops in an elevator system before calling in a service contractor is never a good idea. Often, when the situation has gotten to that extent, a rather major repair is required to get the elevator back into service. But why delay the scheduling of minor maintenance?

Saving a few dollars on the routine inspection and tune-up work is a classic example of “penny-wise and pound-foolish” behavior, because an elevator problem needing a repair is always going to entail a greater expense than if you had just simply planned for those periodic checks. And there’s the aggravation involved in having an elevator out of service, not only for the building owner but tenants and guests. Even when an improperly maintained car continues to operate, it is doing so inefficiently, at greater cost in electricity and wear on lifting motors and subsidiary systems which can eventually result in further expensive repairs and reduction of elevator system life.

Elevator Technologies Inc in Washington DC has been providing maintenance, repair service, and modernization or replacement construction of elevator systems in the Washington metro area for over fifty years. Their skilled technician’s service elevator systems throughout Washington and nearby Arlington, and are available not only at all hours of the day or night for emergency repair but for regularly scheduled maintenance. A service contract ensures the continued reliable function of cabs, drive motors, counterweights, electronic controls, and safety braking systems. Periodic shaft maintenance guarantees that all elevator guides and supports remain structurally sound. Regular maintenance can be accomplished with minimal downtime and during periods of low building traffic to reduce inconvenience to tenants and guests. Indeed, they will probably never know the elevator was ever out of service with the right timing on the job.

Eventually, of course, that elevator system will become obsolete and no longer able to perform its job. In that inevitable event, Elevator Technologies Inc in Washington DC can modernize or completely replace that ancient elevator with an integrated, all-modern system. Your building will have an elevator that will provide smooth service for decades to come. And all our new installation systems conform to current code standards for energy usage and safety.

For more information, follow the link to the website and see which elevator solutions would best suit your commercial building or residence.

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