Enhance Your Teeth Hygiene by Using the Most Suitable Toothbrush

In order for you to maintain your oral hygiene, you need to see a dentist in Livonia as often as possible and find a daily cleaning routine that gets rid of all the dirt and prevents accumulation of bacteria which cause infection. Therefore, it is important that you look for a good toothbrush with the recommended features to ensure that you clean your teeth efficiently.

Inquire from a Specialist

Ask your dentist in Livonia to recommend the best toothbrush for you according to your type of teeth and dental history. A qualified specialist will take time to inspect your teeth and analyze them in order to give the appropriate recommendation. Different types of teeth require different toothbrushes; fragile teeth need a toothbrush with softer bristles, as do teeth that have experienced infections in the past. Such a specialist can also show you the best supplier from whom to get the best toothbrush.

Choose the Right Size

Ensure that the size of your toothbrush is reasonable in that it can fit into your mouth properly without much effort. Remember, you need to access the innermost parts of your oral cavity, and you cannot do this with an enormous tool. If you are unsure of the size to go for, always go for the smallest, but make sure that the bristles are strong and long enough for your teeth. An experienced dentist in Livonia can also advise on the right size by demonstrating the different options in his clinic.


Get recommendations from your dentist in Livonia on the best type of bristles to go for. Consider the material used to make the bristles and the shape as well. Bristles with rounded edges are safer to use especially if you have sensitive teeth as they do not poke your jaws while brushing, unlike those with flat edges. Touch the bristles before purchasing to feel if they are soft or rough; the softer ones are more comfortable to use than the rougher ones. Their length and width should also be ideal enough to access the hidden areas.

Duration of Use

Have your dentist in Livonia recommend the duration within which your toothbrush should last. Ideally, you can use one until you observe that the bristles are become weaker, hence less effective. If you are suffering from a certain infection, it is advisable to change your toothbrush immediately you get well in order to prevent recurrence of the infection.

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