Enjoy a Stable Home With Superior Foundation Repair in Orlando FL

The foundation of the home may well be its most important feature, even though most people give it very little consideration. The foundation is critical because it must support some rather hefty materials like timbers, stone and tile. Plus, if the building has multiple levels, then the strength of the foundation must be greater. Unfortunately, there is more to a strong foundation than a thick slab of concrete. The underlying soil must be properly prepared. How this is handled will often depend on the type of soil the home is built upon. Everyone hopes for a strong bedrock, but if the soil between the bedrock and foundation isn’t compacted and stable, the home may eventually need Foundation repair in Orlando FL. It is usually easy to determine foundation problems because the building begins to shift.

This causes stress points in the foundation which could spread into the walls. This movement will usually result in sticking windows and doors that fail to open or close. Another indicator is usually cracked in the brickwork or separating walls. Foundation repair in Orlando FL can fix these types of problems by lifting the foundation and providing proper support.There are several types of support methods with the simplest being hydraulic cement, also known as mud or grout. When the contractor lifts the foundation, they still need to fill any voids with something. Grout works well because it is placed while still in a liquid form. Plus, the grout hardens into a solid block. In some cases, this repair may be enough.

The real trick is to eliminate the cause of the problem. In the case of water concerns, it may be necessary to add extra drainage around the home.If the foundation failure is pretty severe, it may also require special methods to fit it. This is usually handled by placing piers under the building. Piers can be installed where the soil is weak provided the contractor digs deep enough. It may also be possible to set the piers in mud for additional support. Once the foundation repair is done, any voids need to be filled in. This small step may help keep the water at bay for a while. Contact Solid Foundations for more information before its too late.

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