What to do After a Dog Bite in Hampton VA

What to do After a Dog Bite in Hampton VA

Being bitten by a dog is not an experience that anyone enjoys. Once the animal is contained, it is important to take action quickly. Here are some tips on what to do after the Dog Bite Hampton VA has taken place.

Get Contact Information from Any Witnesses and the Dog Owner

If the bite took place when the dog of a neighbor wandered away from home and into the yard of the bite victim, there will be no question about who owns the animal. What may be at issue is why the dog bit the victim. If there are any witnesses to the event, it pays to get their contact information and have it on hand. If things get complicated later on, they may be called upon to provide details about what they saw.

Get Medical Help

While the Dog Bite Hampton VA may not seem like a big deal, it pays to have a medical professional take a look. The goal is to determine if the damage is only broken skin or if things are a little worse. A doctor can dress the wound and also provide shots or medication that will help to prevent any complications later on. This is important, even if there is no reason to think the dog has rabies or some other disease.

Contact an Attorney

If the bite is deep and the attending physician has to make use of several treatments to prevent any complications, that does mean medical expenses to manage. When the dog owner is willing to cover those expenses, there will be no need to take legal action. Should the owner hesitate to be responsible for the actions of the pet, the only recourse is to seek legal counsel. An attorney can assess the course of events, up to and including the result. Depending on the testimony of witnesses and the findings of the medical professional, it may be feasible to seek damages from the pet owner.

For anyone who has recently been bitten by a dog, contact the Law Offices of Stephen L. today. After reviewing the specifics, it will be possible to determine what needs to happen next, up to and including the possibility of filing a suit.

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