Enjoy A Warm Home Or Business Using An Expert Heating Technician

by | Jan 27, 2016 | Air Conditioning

Heating a home or business can get very expensive. One reason for this is faulty equipment, but another is aging appliances that simply cannot keep up any longer. This happens quite often in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems after about ten to twelve years. At this point, the equipment tends to fail more frequently and require the services on an expert Heating Technician. For example, an older gas burning unit can begin experiencing problems with the fuel supply or the ignition system. This could present a serious condition where too much fuel is in the combustion chamber just waiting for a spark.

The best way to prevent a failure or, at least, slow down the effects time is to have a technician service the system on a regular basis. With central heating systems such as the HVAC, the unit should be tested in the late fall or early winter before it is first used. This prevents a possible fire hazard that could occur from the buildup of dust and lint in the combustion chamber. This tends to happen when the AC portion of the HVAC is working because the dust gets blown into any unused areas.

If the method of heating that is currently in use is not doing the job, then it may be time to consider asking a Heating Technician about alternatives. There are many, but two of the most popular are the heat pump and the split system. A heat pump system works by drawing heat from one side of the unit and moving it to another. This allows the heat pump to function for both heating and cooling. The most common type of heat pump for smaller buildings is the air to air system. This means the heat pump pulls the warmth directly from the surrounding air and moves it where it is required.

The other option, the split or ductless system is actually another air treatment system. This appliance works like a cross between the heat pump and the HVAC. That is, it can be reversed like the heat pump so that heat can be easily removed or added to the space but it uses an external compressor like the HVAC. The main difference is that the split system uses multiple blowers to heat or cool different spaces. Visit the website at Aatemperatureservices.com for more details. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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