Enjoy Traditional Luau Party Food And Entertainment

Enjoy Traditional Luau Party Food And Entertainment

A trip to Hawaii is not complete without attending a luau. There are several companies that present luaus to visitors on any of the islands, but they are not all the same. A traditional luau is so much more than a roasted pig and some cocktails. A meal of great food is wonderful, but a luau is an event rather than a meal. An evening of traditional Luau Party Food and entertainment will usually begin just before sunset and last for over four hours. Compare pricing, what is included in the luau, and what entertainment is provided to get the best deal and enjoy the full experience.

An experienced company will provide transportation, Luau Party Food, cocktails, and entertainment at low pricing per person. That allows a family to enjoy the evening without spending a fortune. Round trip transportation from most hotels in Waikiki is included in an authentic luau on the island of Oahu. A Hawaiian shell lei greeting meets people as they arrive on the secluded beach. An all-you-can-eat traditional buffet is served and includes three cocktails. Main courses are lomi lomi salmon, roasted pig, and deep fried Mahi Mahi. Side dishes, soft drinks, and desserts are also provided. The food is only one part of the event, and this luau contains dishes that are authentic and true to luau of the past.

Cultural entertainment begins with an ancient culinary tradition of Hawaii called the Imu Ceremony. A Samoan Slap Dance is performed, as is a Samoan Fire-Knife Dance. Hula dancing is also part of the traditional entertainment. The total evening is designed to give visitors an idea of what authentic South Pacific food and entertainment are all about. Those interested in learning more about the ancient culture, in addition to enjoying a great meal, can go to Germainesluau.com for more information, pricing, and dates of up-coming luau events. Detailed information is provided so people will know what to expect, what is included with the ticket, and realize the value of the excursion. The website also provides contact information for any questions, reservations for large parties, and availability of space for specific dates. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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