Getting A Photofacial

by | Jan 28, 2016 | Cosmetic Surgery

As we get older, or if we just didn’t happen to hit the genetic jackpot, dark spots and other facial imperfections can often bother us. When it comes to reducing or eliminating these issues, using the services of photofacial may be beneficial. Getting photofacials in Chicago may come with a lot of options but, as with any medical procedure, research is extremely important. From finding the right doctor to getting a quoted a fair price, taking the time to learn more about options for photofacials in Chicago is a key step in the decision making process.

What is a Photofacial?

What exactly is a photofacial? This procedure is typically thirty minutes long, and involves using intense and concentrated pulses of light to penetrate deep within the pores of the skin. Essentially, the goal is to get blood flow to the very top layer of the skin to be a tad more constricted, allowing the facial tissues to tighten. This helps to reduce redness and lines caused by aging.

Many people with different types of skin concerns, ranging from age lines to rosacea, can be benefited from using this type of procedure. While being non invasive and virtually pain free, the use of a numbing cream is optional, photofacials are proving to be a popular way of addressing skin concerns.

What the Procedure is Like

During the treatment, protective eyewear will be supplied, as the light is very intense and your eyes shouldn’t be exposed to it. A cool gel is often applied to the skin beforehand, and this helps to keep the area of the skin cool during the procedure. Most patients have reported a warming sensation at the area of application, and the number of pulses the area of skin receives depends on the initial issues and desired effects. Downtime after the procedure is virtually nonexistent, and mild skin irritation, which is the most common side effect reported, often takes up to only a few hours to subside.

Final Thoughts

As far as cost is concerned, this procedure costs more money than chemical peels or a microdermabrasion, but it’s much cheaper than getting a facial surgery or using laser light therapy. Some practices will require payment up front, or they may be willing to work out payment plans. Also keep in mind that, depending on desired results from this treatment, multiple procedures may have to be done.

Whether it is a first time visit or you’re a seasoned photofacial professional, there are many aspects to photofacials in Chicago that one has to keep in mind when deciding on this procedure.

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