Enjoy Flexible Learning at our Online Christian University

Many people want the opportunity to learn in a supportive, Christian environment, but have numerous commitments which lead to full-time study just not being an option.  We understand how difficult it can be to graduate at the same time as work or bring up a family, which is why we offer a wide range of degrees and other top qualifications as online options. Combining top grade courses with a Christ-centered ethos, we are proud of our exceptional provision and high graduation rate.

Online Christian College Offering a Wide Range of Courses

We provide degrees in Business, Social Services, Management and Business Leadership. Each option comprises a number of different courses, each of which counts towards eventual qualification. Our degrees are designed to meet the needs of the contemporary workplace, enabling graduates to move confidently forward into their chosen career. Once students have obtained a degree with us, many continue on to further study, using the qualifications we offer as a spring board to further educational achievement.

Accredited Online Christian College

Our curriculum is based around the teachings of Christ, putting faith at the heart of everything that we do. We have designed our online course work so that anyone with an Internet connection and the willingness to work hard can successfully complete their learning. Because you can study when convenient and at your own pace, it’s possible to successfully complete a course even when you have numerous other commitments to juggle.

We Want our Students to Do Well

We are an online Christian University that is committed to enabling all our students to achieve great results at the same time as enjoying the spiritual support and growth which comes from learning in a Christian environment. If you want to achieve a degree to further your career or even just for personal satisfaction, we’re able to help. To find out more about the study options we can offer.

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