Hearing Tests in Lancaster PA And Hearing Treatments

Hearing loss is a growing problem for many people as they age. Because many think of it as a natural part of the aging process, they may hesitate to get a hearing test. Some people may also fear being told to wear a hearing aid because they consider it an embarrassing sign of disability. Sadly, they fail to consider how much ability they could gain from such a device. If you have hearing loss, you can start the process of testing and treatment by visiting an ear, nose, and throat doctor, or ENT.

Hearinf Tests in Lancaster, PA

*    A hearing test may begin with a physical exam to rule out certain problems. The doctor will insert a small lighted scope, or otoscope, into your ear to look for an ear infection, excessive ear wax, or structural problems that might be causing hearing loss.

*    The doctor may then perform a general screening test, asking you to repeat words or testing your reactions to sounds at various volumes.

*    Another type of test is a tuning fork test. This type of test could help the doctor know whether your hearing loss is related to the part of your ear that senses vibration and/or damage to the cochlear nerve.
*    The most common type of hearing test for older children and adults is pure tone audiometry. If you take this test, you will wear headphones, and you will hear tones played into one ear or the other. The audiologist will control both the pitch and the volume of the tones in order to determine your hearing range for each.

Hearing Loss Treatments

*    Removing ear wax is a simple treatment that can improve hearing immediately. To remove wax, the doctor will soften it with drops of oil and then suction it out.

*    For fluid buildup due to repeated infections, a tube can be inserted into the ear to help drain the fluid. This is a minor surgical procedure.

*    Hearing aids are the most common treatment for hearing loss. There are several different types of hearing aids on the market, and some are worn completely internally so that they are invisible on the outside.

By diagnosing and treating your hearing loss, you can enjoy better communication, sharper cognition, and a better quality of life. Visit Otolaryngology Physicians of Lancaster to find out which types of hearing tests in Lancaster PA and hearing treatments are best for you.

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