Ensuring that you hire the right movers

Ensuring that you hire the right movers

Moving is not fun, to most people it represents a stressful situation that they wish they did not have to face. Once the decision has been made to move there are what seem to be a hundred things to think about and worry about. There are many moving companies in Chicago, don’t let choosing the right one become an afterthought.

Picking the right movers can make for a smooth move, picking the wrong one can make the move worse than you could ever imagine. There are a few tips to make sure your move goes smoothly.

Ask to see the license: A moving company’s license differs depending on where you are moving to. If you are moving to a different state the mover must be licensed by the federal government. If you are unsure of what licenses a mover needs if your move is within Illinois, the local Better Business Bureau can help.

What’s best; local or national movers? There is no doubt that using a national mover is best when making an interstate move, sticking with a local company is usually the best approach for a move within the city or state. There are numerous companies that offer both and are well respected locally as well. What is important is that the company you choose employees its own people to move and travel with the client’s property.

Get a written estimate: There is nothing wrong with requesting a ball park figure over the phone; this can help you develop a short list of potential moving companies in Chicago. However, if you wish to go one step further and invite the company to offer a price, make sure it is in writing. The company must send their estimator to your home to get an accurate idea of what has to be moved and this cannot be done over the phone.

Once you have selected two or three candidate companies find out how long they have been in business, do they make background checks on their employees and in the event of loss or damage, are they well insured? The right mover can go a long way to making the move easier for you to deal with.

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