Everyone Accused of Drunk Driving Needs Experienced DUI Attorneys in Mankato, MN

Everyone Accused of Drunk Driving Needs Experienced DUI Attorneys in Mankato, MN

Few arrests are as unexpected to the suspect as those because of driving under the influence. By the time they are pulled over, most people who get a DUI charge have driven their vehicle while they were intoxicated for years. They often assume they won’t get pulled over because they truly think they drive better when they have been drinking. Since they are unprepared for the consequences, they don’t usually have experienced DUI attorneys in Mankato, MN among their contacts in their phones.

Whether they think they’ll eventually be convicted of the charges or not, it’s essential to hire an experienced attorney right away in order to keep their driving privileges. The state will revoke the driving privileges of anyone accused of driving under the influence if they don’t request a hearing right away. This has nothing to do with the criminal case. Since facing criminal charges is so stressful, many people who don’t hire an attorney right away neglect to request this meeting and forfeit their ability to driving to and from work while they fight their case in court.

DUI attorneys in Mankato, MN also help clients with their criminal cases. In the criminal justice system, the state must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Doubt in the mind of one juror in a jury trial can lead to an acquittal. The arresting officers must prove they had a reason to stop the vehicle and suspect the driver was intoxicated. This is where having an experienced attorney can be valuable.

The defense attorney may ask the officers questions and force them to defend their actions. If they really didn’t have a reason to pull over the car, they may not have enough evidence to prove their case. The equipment used to test the blood alcohol level of the driver may also be a means to put doubt in the mind of the judge or jury. Many of these types of cases are settled without a trial and either result in a less serious charge or a dismissal. Anyone who has been accused of driving under the influence and doesn’t already have a lawyer should visit Blatzlawminnesota.com to learn more and get in touch with an experienced defense attorney.

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