Exterior Home Remodeling in Indianapolis Toward the End of a Fixer-Upper Project

When people buy a fixer-upper, it’s common for them to tackle the interior of the home first as long as there aren’t any structural issues on the exterior, like a leaking roof. Eventually, they’ll want to hire a contractor for exterior Home Remodeling in Indianapolis to make the place look beautiful on the outside too. Those services might include new siding and gutters along with some new windows.

Boosting Resale Value

Many people purchase a fixer-upper with the hopes of making money by selling it within five or 10 years. This is more common with do-it-yourself types who aren’t paying a contractor for remodeling. Nevertheless, wanting to make a profit on a real estate sale is a common goal, and the homeowners will want to consider which types of projects are best for boosting the resale value and speed of sale.

Exterior Makeover

Exterior Home Remodeling in Indianapolis can give the house a makeover that impresses visitors, neighbors, and passersby. With a change of siding color and windows in a different style, the house might look like a new structure has replaced the previous one. Old, deteriorated white siding might be replaced with a completely contrasting hue, like slate blue, tan, or light green. A flat picture window might be replaced with a curved bow window that extends out from the exterior wall.

New Roof

Depending on how long the household residents stay in the home, they will eventually need a new roof if the existing one is made of shingles. Metal roofs have such lifespans that this type of roof might not need to be replaced while the current owners live there.

By the time the siding and windows projects are ready to schedule, it may be reasonable to have shingles replaced if they were installed 25 or more years ago. If only one layer of shingles is in the home, a contractor like Amos Exteriors Inc may be able to simply add a second layer in the interest of saving money. However, the ideal solution is to have the existing shingles torn off and replaced with new ones or to install a metal roof.

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