What Happens After Visiting Medical Marijuana Doctors in San Francisco

The use of cannabis to treat medical ailments has become more widely accepted by medical professionals, but despite the growing trend, many consumers are met with fear when using an alternative form of medication. The first step is to schedule an appointment with one of the many Medical Marijuana Doctors in San Francisco who will assess a person’s medical history and determine if they will benefit from the use of medicinal cannabis. After receiving a recommendation from a physician, a user will visit a dispensary to decide what form and type of medicine will benefit them.

Initial Consultation

Once a recommendation is obtained, the next step is to visit a dispensary. During the initial visit, a staff member will meet with the patient to verify their credentials and discuss the ins and outs of utilizing medical cannabis for treatment. It is vital for a patient to be transparent and ask any questions about the use of marijuana for the relief of any symptoms they may be experiencing.

Symptom Identification

There are hundreds of strains available, and each one provides different benefits. Before a patient is prescribed a type of medicine, the staff person will first discuss any symptoms they may be experiencing, and the diagnoses provided by the Medical Marijuana Doctors in San Francisco. The patient will then be presented with a wide array of options, each one offering a different form and level of relief.

Preferred Treatment Method

After recommending the type of cannabis, the last step is to determine which route of administration is most appropriate. Pre-rolled joints are easy to use and are provided at an affordable price, while gummies and other edibles are an excellent option for those who want to consume the medicine without being forced to inhale smoke. Other options include topical lotions and vaporizers, which each have a variety of benefits depending on the symptoms being treated.

When conventional medicine no longer provides relief, it may be time to consider utilizing medicinal cannabis. Barbary Coast is a full-service dispensary that allows anyone to make sense of their condition and the various forms of treatment.

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