Facts About Garage Floor Coating In Dallas

There are several different options for garage flooring options to consider for any Dallas residential or commercial property. The two most common are a garage floor paint or an epoxy garage floor coating.

Both of these options are possible for most garage floors, but there are differences between garage floor paint, epoxy flooring kits and professionally applied epoxy garage floor coating. Understanding the benefits and possible issues with the options will help anyone in Dallas make the right choice for their residential or commercial garage floor.

Garage Floor Paints

While the lowest cost option and easy to apply as a do-it-yourself project, garage paint has a very limited life. Hot tires, fluid spills and any type of heavy equipment used on the floor will cause the paint to peel and flake.

In addition, not prepping the garage floor will also limit the ability of the paint to adhere to the surface, further creating a problem with durability.

Epoxy Flooring Kits

Offering a more durable option than paint, epoxy flooring kits offer a reasonable option as a do-it-yourself project. However, there does need to the right floor prep, including sanding of the surface, to allow the epoxy to bond with the surface.

Most kits also use a very thin epoxy for easy application, which means limited protection for the floor. While the flooring may last a few years, it will need to be replaced and can suffer the same issues with hot tires and fuel or oil spills in the garage as the painted floors.

Professionally Applied Epoxy

For a lifetime guarantee on a garage floor coating option, professionally applied epoxy coating is the very best option. Not only does the company installing the flooring handle all the surface prep work, but they can also create flooring with the look of natural stone or which includes your favorite colors in chips embedded in the epoxy.

The result is a durable floor which will not lift, peel or crack. It will also add value to your property while giving you a great looking garage.

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