Facts About Wrongful Death Lawyers in Burlington VT

When a loved one suffers a wrongful death, the emotional and financial impact can be devastating. While nothing can replace a loved one, it is often necessary to file a claim against the person or persons who they feel is responsible for the death. This is why it is important to know some facts about why hiring Wrongful Death Lawyers in Burlington VT is a good idea.

• A wrongful death is defined as any death that is caused by the negligence of another. Some examples of wrongful deaths include motor vehicle accidents, negligence by doctors or medical personnel, and accidents on the work site. Whether the death is accidental or intentional does not matter, a case can still be filed.

• Lawsuits can be filed by any close member of the family, especially if that member was financially dependent upon the deceased. If someone was named in the will of the deceased, that person could also file a claim against the person or persons who allegedly caused the death.

• An heir or a family member must be formally named as the legal representative of the decedent’s estate. This is done via the probate court system where the decedent last lived or owned property. A case can also be filed in the county where the death occurred if it was not in the country where the decedent lived.

• An attorney should always be hired before attempting to file a case. The legalities of such cases can quickly become quite complex and difficult to navigate for the average layperson. A trained lawyer will know exactly which forms to file and when to file them. This saves the family member or heir time, stress, and the possibility of invalidating the claim by making a misstep in the process.

• All forms of financial and emotional damage caused should be thoroughly documented to enable the claimant to receive all compensation that they are entitled to.
Most Wrongful Death Lawyers in Burlington VT will offer a free consultation so that they may properly review the case before accepting it. Experienced attorneys, such as those at McVeigh Skiff LLP, can assess the situation and let the claimant know whether they have a valid claim or not.

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