Fall in Love With the Open Road: Motorcycle Sales in Jacksonville FL

Imagine the open road winding into the distance before you. The smell of flowers, the wind in your hair. You just can’t appreciate this kind of trip the same way in a 4-door sedan. If you’ve already made the plunge into two wheeled travel, you know that the most enjoyable advantages of riding a motorcycle are not those that can be measured by fuel economy and monetary savings. That taste of freedom is more than just a different way to commute to work; it’s a lifestyle. If you’ve never ridden a motorcycle, you’ve probably seen people who do riding by while you’re stuck in traffic and wondered at why they look so happy about their commute. If the taste of freedom and adventure aren’t enough to persuade you to give it a shot yourself, there are still many other reasons to consider motorcycle sales in Jacksonville FL.

Consider first the money question. Motorcycles are fuel efficient, making them much more cost efficient. Even the most powerful engines should get you at least 35MPG. And if you’re a smart rider, or purchase a bike with a smaller engine, this number should be much higher. Even the initial investment tends to be much lower than buying a new car. Whether you’re buying new or used, a good quality bike just doesn’t cost as much as the same quality car or pickup. In most places even the insurance is less expensive.

If fun and savings aren’t reason enough, consider also the convenience. When you own a car, particularly if you live in an urban environment, you probably feel like you spend as much time looking for a place to park as you do getting where you need to go. In comparison to a full size car, a motorcycle just doesn’t take up that much space. Stop circling the parking lot for 20 minutes before you find a spot. Your new motorcycle will fit just about anywhere. This can also clear up some space in your garage!

Of course, it doesn’t have to be an either-or kind of game. Your bike won’t be jealous if you take your trusty old pickup out for a whirl. Whether you’re new to the game, or you’ve been an avid motorcyclist for years, you’ll probably have some questions before purchasing a new bike. Visit Holeshot Powersports and get them answered by a dedicated associate specializing in Motorcycle Sales in Jacksonville FL.

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