Signs That You’ve Chosen The Right Seattle Conference Speaker

In the past, selecting speakers for an event was easy because you needed someone with a presence, charisma, storytelling, and eloquence. While those traits are still important, attendees now want more from their speakers and you. There should be more interactivity, participation, and technology, making it necessary to understand how to choose the right Seattle conference speaker.

Social Media

Choosing speakers who have no social media outlet is like picking someone out of the yellow pages without doing more research. Speakers should have social media pages because it shows that they’re out there and understand the power of it. While they may not have millions of followers, they should have some.

This shows that they are engaged and care about their profile, both online and professionally.

They Require Payment

Speakers who don’t require payment may not be the best option. While they’ll fit into your budget, they may not be experienced enough or may bomb, especially if they’re new to the game. Most of these people want exposure, which isn’t necessarily bad. However, if they don’t fit into the industry or don’t understand it, they could be detrimental to your conference.

Know About AV

The Seattle speaker you select must be technology-savvy. They should know what AV they’ll need and give you the information as soon as possible. Questions they should be asking include whether there is wi-fi available in the room, if mobile apps are used, more about audience response systems and the like. They should then be able to tell you what they will need so it can be rented, purchased or brought by the speaker.

Audience Involvement

Speakers must involve the audience in the presentation. The attendees, whether employees or others, want to be involved. They can be asked for their opinions on certain things, asked questions pertaining to the conference and much more.

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