FAQs About Elevator Technologies Inc

Most people probably do not give a second thought to elevators until something goes wrong. However, there are some very interesting things to know about elevators, especially those sold by such reliable companies as Elevator Technologies Inc. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, along with their applicable answers.

Q: What is the proper protocol if someone becomes trapped in an elevator?

A: First, call the elevator to speak with the person, or people, who are trapped inside. Find out how many people are in the elevator and if there are any medical emergencies. If there are, call 911 immediately. Instruct the trapped passengers to not try and get out of the elevator themselves as this can be quite dangerous. Elevators are not airtight, so they will not run out of oxygen. They are also designed to not plummet. Trying to pry the doors is very ill-advised as this can cause serious damage to the elevator. The hatch at the top of the elevator is also not designed to be opened from the inside. Give the people a realistic timeline as to when the elevator technician will arrive. Do not try to appease them by stating times that are unrealistic. This will only lead to frustration. Call the occupants with any updates and wait for the technician to arrive.

Q: What lies below the elevator?

A: The area below the elevator is referred to as the pit. It contains such things as buffer springs to cushion the elevator if it falls. It also contains hydraulic jacks to raise the elevator car. There is a ladder that allows the Elevator Technologies Inc service technician to climb down into the pit. There is also wiring for lights and an outlet for the purpose of lighting the area when the technician is working. On a more lighthearted note, there are usually plenty of things such as coins, credit cards, and other laminated cards that find their way into the pit via passengers dropping them through the cracks.

To make an appointment to either have new elevators installed or to have the current ones serviced, visit the website. Professional elevator technicians are available to answer any question one may have.

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