How to Find the Right Belleville Washer Supplier

If you are in the tool business or if you have just assembled a bookshelf from a big box store, you know that washers can make all the difference. Entire pieces of furniture or mechanical appliances have malfunctioned for want of a washer. The washer is important since it spreads out the force of the nut on the surface. So the forces that press on a device and try to pull apart its conjoining parts are less successful when the force is spread out through the washer.

A belleville washer further allows you to displace the force of impact since the washer is built in a slightly conical shape. That slight cone shape allows the washer to bend and flex in a way that diffuses force. However, those types of bending and springing can lead to disaster in low-quality washers. You need a quality belleville washer supplier who only uses the best materials.

The Best Materials

Depending on your application, a washer can come in many different types of materials. The most common categories are metal, wood, and composite. A composite washer is made from multiple materials. In most cases though, a great belleville washer supplier will supply washers in spring steel, stainless steel, and beryllium copper. Those are just a few of the available materials.


Copper is a great choice for a belleville washer because the washer needs to act as a tiny spring. Unlike some other steels that are very hard and rigid, copper is fairly ductile, for it can be bent or flexed. Therefore, such a metal works great as a spring. However, there are limits to how much it will rebound.

If you’re not sure which kind of material you need for your washers, you need to consult professionals. They’ll be able to provide you with an assessment of the pros and cons.

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