FAQs About Car Accident Attorneys in Tucson

FAQs About Car Accident Attorneys in Tucson

In Arizona, auto accident victims file legal claims to enforce their right to compensation after they sustain injuries, and these claims are determined by the judge. The claims include all financial losses experienced by these accident victims. Car accident attorneys in Tucson provide answers to frequently asked questions about these claims.

What Procedures Are Followed When an Accident Is Reported?

When the officers arrive at the scene, they evaluate all victims and assess their injuries, and they contact emergency medical services to manage the victim or victim’s requirements. They acquire information from each driver, and the officers determine what happened during the accident. An accident report is generated based on these findings.

Can Officers Determine When a Driver Is Drunk?

Yes, if they suspect any drivers are drunk, the officers can conduct a breathalyzer test; however, the officers can request toxicology screenings for any victims that were sent to the hospital. The results of the tests determine if the drivers were intoxicated during the accident, and the tests for the at-fault driver may be used in further cases.

What Are the Standards That Apply to a Fatality That Happens During an Auto Accident?

According to law, any individual who dies as a result of an automobile accident will undergo an autopsy to establish the exact cause of death, and these results can be used in a wrongful death lawsuit. The family of the victim can acquire the results from the county medical examiner.

What Criminal Charges Are Applied in These Cases?

Any drivers who were intoxicated during the accident can be charged with a DUI, and the at-fault driver can be charged according to the results of the accident. If a fatality occurred due to a drunk driver, the state can charge the driver with vehicular homicide or manslaughter.

In Arizona, auto accident victims must follow specific laws that pertain to these accidents, and these laws include DUIs that can lead to more serious injuries and potential fatalities. Victims should work with an attorney to make certain distinctions about these cases. Those who need to talk with car accident attorneys in Tucson can visit PriceAndPriceLaw.com for more information now.

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