Farm to Fork Family Restaurant Laurel MS

Cookie cutter chain restaurants are no longer at the top of list when it comes to eating out. People are interested in high quality foods that are unique to the area. They want to experience the flavor and atmosphere the local area has to offer. Anyone can make a burger and fries but it takes a special place to craft shrimp and grits with locally sourced Boursin cheese and fresh gulf coast shrimp. Cotton Blues takes southern cooking to another level and takes traditional home style dishes and makes them extraordinary.

It takes a special kind of chef to be able to execute New Orleans and southern style food properly. Cotton Blues is a family restaurant that prides itself on using only the best locally sourced ingredients to make their dishes one of a kind Southern specialties. The executive chef, Clayton Barney grew up in NOLA which made him an expert in Southern Creole. He took his passion for cooking seriously at a very young age. His ability to put his own spin on fresh, locally grown food is what makes the restaurant such a success. You an expect to indulge in things like crawfish etoufée, 1/2 pound burgers with unique toppings, quail, pulled pork pancakes, oysters done four ways and even lobster tacos. The menu constantly changes depending on what’s in season so you can always expect to be wowed with something new.

Just like the food on the menu, the pastries and desserts are also made in house daily by Shaun Davis. Le Cordon Bleu trained; Chef Shaun knows the importance of using the finest ingredients to make his pies and pastries stand above the rest. Mississippi inspired sweets at Cotton Blues will have you coming back for just one more bite, every time.

Sometimes it can be frustrating figuring out where to go out to eat that will meet all of your needs. Often times a place that is indigenous that’s great for couples or date night isn’t going to be very family friendly. If you’re wondering what type of Family Restaurant Laurel MS has to offer, Cotton Blues will show you the meaning of Southern Hospitality. It’s a place that welcomes guests of all ages and provides that perfect atmosphere and flavor that you crave. Visit website for more info.

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