Fast and Effective Bee Hive Control in Pittsburgh, PA

Fast and Effective Bee Hive Control in Pittsburgh, PA

Bee hives located in trees rarely pose any problems. They are typically located in high branches, and most bees, unless provoked, are not aggressive. Bees pollinate plants and crops, some produce honey, and the hives provide beeswax. Having a bee hive on the property requires no intervention and is better left alone. Bee Hive Control in Pittsburgh PA is required when hives are located inside the home, under eaves, or inside the walls. In those situations, the hive placement can be harmful and destructive.

The honey drips out of the hive and can cause electrical problems or attract termites and other insects. Depending on the exact location of the hive, it can also block ventilation, ruin insulation, and cause excessive smoke in chimneys or fireplaces. In the case of carpenter bees, structural damage is the major issue. Those bees will not sting, but they do bore holes into wooden beams, walls, and sub-flooring. An active hive of carpenter bees can quickly damage a section of any wooden building. It is important to call for services as soon as a hive is noticed or suspected because damage may have already begun. Bee Hive Control in Pittsburgh PA is most effective when techniques are employed as soon as possible.

Those experienced in removing hives, such as The-Beeman, utilize techniques certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The advanced techniques include chemicals that are successful in removing hives, but that will not harm the wood. Same-day service is provided to prevent further damage and to avoid family members, pets, or livestock from being stung. Under regular circumstances, a bee sting is uncomfortable but not harmful unless someone is allergic to bees.

When a hive is disturbed, the bees become aggressive and will swarm. Several bees stings at once can result in excessive pain, swelling, possible nerve damage, and death. Many stings can kill small children, pets, or livestock. Service providers offer extended hours to accommodate busy schedules, free estimates are provided, and emergency services are available twenty-four hours a day. Building and homeowners can go to for details on services, the warranty, and hours.

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