Why Homeowners Need Sprinkler Winterization In Boulder, CO

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Home and Garden

In Colorado, sprinklers and irrigation systems keep lawns and landscaping watered properly. The systems may also distribute chemicals that improve the health of trees and plants. During the winter, the owner must complete the winterization process to protect the systems more thoroughly. Reviewing the reasons for Sprinkler Winterization Boulder CO shows property owners why the process is so urgent.

Preventing the Sprinklers from Freeze

The pipes and sprinkler heads will freeze in extreme temperatures. The winterization process protects the installations from freezing and sustaining serious damage. The process keeps the pipes and lines at a warmer temperature and prevents damage.

Avoiding Unnecessary Repair Costs

Homeowners who don’t winterize their sprinkler heads and irrigation system will sustain damage. The failure could lead to hundreds of dollars in repair services. The effects could cause problems for water lines that are connected to the sprinklers and irrigation system. In more severe cases, the homeowner will have to replace the installation completely.

Following the Terms of the Warranty

The terms of the warranty for the sprinklers and irrigation system explain how to winterize the installation. The homeowner must follow all instructions in the warranty, or it is void. Once the warranty is void, the homeowner loses all benefits of coverage. To prevent issues, the property owner should hire a technician that is familiar with the process.

Why Should Homeowners Hire a Professional

Hiring a licensed and bonded contractor or technician ensures that the winterization process is completed as directed. The homeowner won’t have to worry about making mistakes that cause damage. The contractors are trained to complete the services properly. The owner won’t have to worry about filing an insurance claim for damage. Their water pipes won’t become damaged either.

In Colorado, sprinklers and irrigation systems distribute water throughout the lawn and landscaping. The owner can set up a timer on the systems to water their lawn and plants every day. To protect the beneficial installation, the owner must hire a professional to winterize the sprinkler heads and the irrigation system. Property owners who want to learn more about Sprinkler Winterization Boulder CO contact Wards Lawn Service or Browse website right now.

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