The Benefits of Using a Lawn Service for Exterior Pest Control in Longmont, CO

The Benefits of Using a Lawn Service for Exterior Pest Control in Longmont, CO

Longmont homeowners who want to keep their lawns manicured and healthy year-round often hire lawn services to care for them. Companies like Wards Lawn Service not only groom properties, they can help prevent a range of problems before they begin. For example, technicians will identify and treat pests that destroy grass, shrubs, trees and flowers. In addition to providing Pest Control Longmont CO experts treat lawn diseases.

Technicians Can Control Lawn Pests

Many property owners invest a great deal of time and money into home landscaping, so they consider exterior pest control essential protection. When clients request Pest Control Longmont CO lawn service technicians identify all of the insects that could damage landscaping. Common destructive insects include chinch bugs, mole crickets and grub worms. They eat away at shrubs and grass and their larvae often exist at root levels, where they destroy plant and grass nutritional systems. Lawn service professionals provide treatments that eliminate all of these pests.

Professionals Treat Lawn Diseases

Homeowners who want to protect their landscaping against diseases also contact lawn experts via sites like When customers Visit the website, they can view a list of services and options and then schedule treatments. Technicians protect lawns against diseases like brown patch and common fungus-related conditions like dollar spot disease and red thread disease. Fungi thrive in grass, because they can use it as a food source. Technicians prevent the spread of these conditions and then eliminate them.

Lawn Service Experts Prevent Many Problems

Professionals who provide lawn service can also keep lawns healthy using preventative treatments. They understand that lawn pests and diseases multiply very quickly, so technicians offer seasonal preventative maintenance that guarantees grass, plants and trees will flourish during growing seasons. Specialists will reapply herbicides, fungicides and insecticides as necessary to ensure that affected landscaping recovers completely. If they detect an underlying problem like watering or mowing practices, professionals can advise healthy alternatives to chemical treatments.

Lawn maintenance companies that provide exterior pest control help keep lawns healthy year round. Technicians can find and eliminate a wide variety of destructive insects and diseases as well as identify any other issues that prevent grass, shrubs, trees and flowers from thriving.

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