Features to Consider When Redoing Bathroom Showers in Omaha

Now that there is some extra money set aside, the homeowner would really like to do something with the master bathroom. The first phase of the makeover has to do with the shower. Since there are so many ways to update Bathroom Showers in Omaha and make them more functional than ever, it pays to check out the features offered today. Here are some examples of what to consider closely.

Updating the Tile

The tile is still in good shape, but the color is no longer to the homeowner’s liking. Take the time to look at several different options, including something other than tile. For example, it is possible to invest in acrylic panels that will fit neatly over the existing tile. The panels can be in any color the client wants, making it easy to create the right look without spending money to rip out the old tiles and replace them with new ones.

Getting Rid of the Tub

If the master bathroom sports a combination tub and shower, try to recall the last time that anyone took a bath. If it has been years, what’s the point of keeping it? A better approach would be to rip out the tub and provide a little more room in the shower stall. In fact, there are plenty of inserts made for Bathroom Showers in Omaha that do not include a tub in the mix.

Adding More Shower Heads

At present, the shower has one head mounted at one end. Consider the idea of adding multiple heads to create a massaging effect. Recessed heads in two or three of the walls make it possible to enjoy jets of water that help to take out the kinks in the lower back.

Seating is Nice

Anyone who has been ill knows how trying it can be to stand in a shower or get in and out of a tub. What if the shower stall was equipped with a place to sit and enjoy the streams of water? There are stall designs that include built-in seating at one end along with a bar that can be used for support.

For more ideas, visit Kitchens and Baths by Briggs today and talk with a professional. It will not take long to identify the right updates and start working on the bathroom renovation.

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