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A family’s dental health can easily start to affect their general health if not taken care of properly, making it essential that they visit a dentist on a regular basis. If a tooth becomes infected from a break or cavity, it can lead to severe pain and discomfort over time. Even the smallest of cavities can pose a significant health risk if not treated properly in time. This is why many Oyster Bay residents rely on reputable dentists like Locust Valley Dental Group to provide their family with the dental hygiene and health they need to stay healthy.

In most cases, a minor cavity is just that, a small cavity that poses no risk and can be fixed easily with a filling. Unfortunately for many patients, a simple cavity left untreated can lead to the enamel breaking down quickly due to certain food and beverages in their diets. Once the enamel starts to weaken, it is often hard to restore it without resorting to crowns or veneers. In extreme cases, when a tooth is infected it may need to have a root canal performed by their Family Dentist in Oyster Bay NY to resolve the situation.

When any type of infection occurs in a tooth or the surrounding gum, a dentist will require the patient to take antibiotics to reduce the chances that the infection will enter the blood stream during any procedure to fix the tooth. If an infection enters the blood stream during any type of work being done on the tooth, it can affect both the heart and brain if not dealt with properly. This type of risk is significant, and has to be dealt with accordingly before any work can be performed.

When the infection is cleared, the most common means of fixing a tooth that has been damaged to the point of causing the infection is to perform a root canal and place a crown or veneer on it. Veneers are only useful when the tooth has more than 80% of its enamel left. A Family Dentist in Oyster Bay NY will typically resort to a crown if the tooth has less than 50% of its enamel left to be saved. For more information, please visit  to find out more about dental procedures that can help any dental problem.

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