Doing Honey Bee Removal in Pittsburgh To Remove Bees From School Grounds

Doing Honey Bee Removal in Pittsburgh To Remove Bees From School Grounds

If a teacher notices a honey bee hive in an area where their class plays for recess, they will want to take the necessary actions in removing them immediately. Since bee stings can be very dangerous to someone with an allergy, time is of the essence in getting a hive off of the property. Here are some steps one can take to ensure their class is not put at risk should a Honey Bee Removal in Pittsburgh need to be done.

Alert Caretakers About The Problem

It is important that all caretakers of the children in the classroom are notified about the presence of the bee hive. The teacher can make calls to find out if any of the children in their class are allergic to bees. They can then ask the caretakers to send any medication to the nurse’s office in case of an emergency. This is important so those students can be monitored closely within the classroom in case a bee happens to make its way inside.

Call For Removal Services

It will be best to alert a pest control service that does bee removal right away. Informing the service that children are present close to the area where the hive is located may allow for expedited service from the business. It is a good idea to have the removal process done at a time when children are not on the school premises. A weekend is best as any pesticides used to eradicate the bees and hive will have time to dissipate, so children are not at risk of health problems from remnants left behind.

Keep Children Away From The Area

In time, between the hive’s discovery and a call to a removal service, it will be extremely important to keep children away from the area where the hive is located. Asking caretakers to drop children at a different entryway to the school may be necessary depending on the hive’s location. The Recess can be held in the classroom or a gym until the hive is removed.

If a teacher needs assistance with Honey Bee Removal in Pittsburgh, a call can be made to a reputable service in the area. The-Beeman is known for fast service at competitive prices. One can visit the website to find out more today!

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