Signs You Need Emergency Septic Pumping in Keller, TX

Of all the things that a homeowner needs to remember, septic system maintenance is one that tends to fall by the wayside since septic pumping is needed so infrequently. Since septic systems only need to be pumped out every three to five years, you aren’t likely going to remember when you are due for a cleaning, and therefore you should watch out for these warning signs that you are going to need emergency service.

Sewage Backup

There is nothing that compares to the smell of sewage backing up into your pipes. This is one of the most advanced signs of needing septic pumping and you should call your septic professional immediately if you notice the smell and especially if you can see the sewage, which is black in color, coming up as well.

Drain Field Pooling

Another clear sign of needing septic pumping in Keller, TX is when there is pooling water near your drain field. Wastewater should always remain in the tank or be processed through the drain field slowly. If there is water rising into your yard, this is a sign that your drain fields are clogged by waste and you need maintenance.

Nitrate Concentration in Your Water

If you are using well water, you are likely having your water tested on a regular basis. If there are high levels of nitrate in your drinking water, this is a sign that your septic system is overly full and leaking into the soil and groundwater. Getting results of high nitrate levels in your water is a sign that it is time to have septic pumping done.

Being proactive about keeping your septic tank clean can help you to avoid the costs of emergency pumping. If you do notice the symptoms above, contact Texas Integrity Septic to ensure that your emergency needs are met immediately to prevent any additional damage from occurring.

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