Finding a Comprehensive Supply and Hydraulic Repair Shop in Gary, Indiana

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Machinery and Tools

Several industries, from health care to construction, utilize hydraulic machinery, vehicles, or lifts on a daily basis. The fluid, which is usually an oil, powers a cylinder that makes the machine operate. It sounds simple enough, but there are many small parts and interconnecting components. A problem with one tiny piece, such as a seal or a clamp, can cause major damage and render the system useless.

Proper Maintenance

Regular inspections and scheduled maintenance will help to keep hydraulic systems operating efficiently. When replacement parts are needed, or repairs are required a comprehensive supply and Hydraulic Repair Shop in Gary Indiana will save business owners time and money. Getting everything from an extensive inventory means the parts will be readily available.

Hydraulic hoses, for example, can be custom made while customers wait. Pumps, cylinders, seals and valves, motors, and fluid are available from many manufacturers. Maintenance technicians can find what is needed in one trip and service the machinery in a manufacturing factory, an automotive assembly line, or agricultural vehicles.


Smaller businesses with no full-time repair crews can have hydraulic components fixed at an experienced Hydraulic Repair Shop in Gary Indiana. Before any repaired equipment leaves the premises, it is tested on advanced equipment to ensure quality control. Hydraulic systems in large machines or vehicles can be repaired in the field. Portable testing tools will be used to make sure the repair is complete and durable.

Calling for repairs at the first signs of an issue can avoid rejected finished products and expensive down time for the system. The slow operation, a rise in fluid temperature, or strange noises indicate a problem. Common causes can be air contaminating the fluid, a failing pump, worn or damaged seals, or heat exchange components.

More Services Available

In addition to repairs, hydraulic pump rebuilds, welding, and metal fabrication services are also offered. Custom repairs can prolong the life of the system and save money on replacement costs. An experienced shop, such as Miller Hydraulic Service Inc, will also offer maintenance and inspection services for businesses. Truck fleet maintenance and repair are also available.

Protect the investment of essential machinery and vehicles with preventative maintenance and prompt repairs.

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