Finding an Outpatient Drug Program in Broward County

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Health

Broward County is the second most populated county in the U.S. State of Florida and it is in the grips of drug and alcohol abuse syndrome. Florida is ranking number one in prescription drug abuse. According to an investigation conducted by a local news channel, four schools in Broward County were at the top for reporting the maximum number of drug-related incidents. From 2008 to 2011, the county reported the maximum number of new HIV cases, which is also a consequence of growing drug abuse. The county has geared up and the entire community has joined hands to fight the menace of drug and alcohol abuse.

The county has many state sponsored programs operating throughout the region, which is catering to hundreds of patients at each center. Then there is a plethora of programs run by NGOs, private and corporate hospitals, clinics and private practitioners. However, when the time comes for an individual or a family to choose an Outpatient Drug Program in Broward County it can become bewildering. Some of the points to remember when choosing an intensive outpatient program in Broward County are:

Expectations from the rehab:

The patient has to decide his expectation and goals and then zero in on the program. Is he looking for a detox, sobriety for a short term or a long-term continual sobriety? Every program is designed in a different way and its end result will vary therefore, select an outpatient program based on your expectation.

Distance matters

One of the major points in non-compliance with rehab is travel. In an outpatient program, the patient travels to the center or clinic everyday to attend sessions so it is pertinent to choose a clinic or program that is nearby and does not involve a lot of travel.

Public or Private

For some accepting their drinking and drug problems may not be an issue but for some it may damage their public image and harm their business relations. For those who are worried about their public image, it makes sense to choose a program that is situated away from the public and the media’s eyes. Oceanfront Rehab Facilities may be a good choice in such cases.

Look closely at the treatment specialties, modalities and orientations available

Are you ok with a rehab center that is catering to hundreds of emotional and psychosocial problems or are you interested in the one that is specifically targeting Dual Diagnosis recovery, substance, and drug abuse. Next are the various treatment modalities the center is offering like detox, addiction recovery, 12 step recovery, individual or group therapy and so on. You need to ensure yourself that your needs will be properly addressed. In addition, you need to look at the treatment approach. Is the program focusing only on rehabilitation or is it also arming you with skills and abilities to cope in your normal routine? Is it going to equip you with life skills through art therapy, meditation, yoga, emotional techniques and so on?

Experience and credentials

Experience counts. Look at the years of experience of the center and its staff. What is the success rate of the Intensive Outpatient Program and what is its image in the public eye? Inquire about the accreditation, credentials and license of the center and its staff.

Insurance coverage

The rehab centers and wellness clinics in Broward County are accepting insurances like Aetna, Empire Blue Cross, BlueCross and BlueShield, United Insurance, Value Options, Cigna, First Choice Health, American Behavioral, AmeriHealth, Horizon Healthcare, First Health, Humana, Behavioral Health Systems, GHI, Out of Network and many more. Find out from your insurance agent about coverage for your outpatient rehab program.

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