The Importance of Termite Control in Cave Creek

Though homeowners are often faced with many pests in their home, termites are one of the most destructive. Each year, homeowners are faced with billions of dollars in damage caused by these pests. Termite inspections should be carried out at least once a year to determine if these insects are present. Once they invade a home, termites can quickly begin to destroy the wood supports of the home, causing massive damage. Through Termite Control in Cave Creek, homeowners can rest assured their homes will be free of these unwanted pests.

Before a pest control company begins work on removing termite pests from a home, they first will conduct an inspection to determine what type of termite is present. Fortunately, there are many signs that can warn homeowners termites have invaded a home. These include:

* Shed wings found in windowsills (these may resemble fish scales)

* Damaged wood areas that sound hollow

* Buckling in floors, walls and ceilings

* Termite mud tubes found on the sides of the home

* Termites found in the moist mulch and leaves around a home

* Swarms of termites in spring and around the lights outside

The approach taken for Termite Control in Cave Creek is often a combination method involving baiting the home with food containing pesticides. This helps to kill termites in all stages of growth since the pesticide is consumed by the adult termites and then taken to the nest to feed the young.

In cases of termite infestations, it may be more beneficial to use tenting. Tenting covers the home in an impermeable covering and then fills the home with pesticide gas. This gas is able to enter all of the wall areas through crevices and cracks, so the termites are destroyed.

After the termite population in a home has been obliterated, the pest control company can place a barrier of protection around a home to help prevent new infestations from occurring. This is the best method of keeping a home protected from the damage termites cause.

Contacting Cummings Pest will allow homeowners to find the pest control services they need, so their homes are free of unwanted pests. These termite control experts will work to ensure a home is free of these insects, so the damage is no longer occurring.

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