Finding The Right Kids Church Curriculum

by | Feb 18, 2016 | Church

When it comes to teaching kids at church, it isn’t just important that the kids receive the correct information. It’s also important that it is presented in a way that keeps the kids engaged and interested. Ideally, the right Kids Church Curriculum will provide children with the knowledge they need in a way that keeps them wanting more. Here are several tips for selecting the right curriculum for your church.

Examine the Basic Message

It is of the utmost importance that the Kids Church Curriculum match up with the message the church is presenting. In addition to aligning with the church’s theology, the kids’ church needs to be following some of the same principles and guidelines. A quick overview of the lessons and themes should provide some insight into the purpose and overall message of the curriculum.

Look Over Activities and Enrichment

In addition to lessons, most curriculum for kids’ church offers enrichment opportunities and activities. This allows kids to see beyond the message and often introduces practical life application to the information being presented. Take a look at the different things the curriculum includes. Does it offer ways to help the kids understand what they are learning? Does it present the lessons in a way that kids will be able to take what they have learned and use it in their everyday lives?

Can It Be Adapted to a Specific Audience?

A kids’ church is often made up of multiple age groups. The goal is to find a curriculum that can cater to each of these specific groups. No one wants to teach the junior high students the same exact lesson the elementary kids are learning. However, it can help if both age groups are learning the same thing in a different way that is age appropriate. It is also important that a leader can adapt the curriculum to the specific audience. Ideally, this makes it possible to personalize the lessons and the information to make it applicable to the kids present.

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