How Does a Slip and Fall Law Attorney in Lancaster Protect the Client

Sustaining an injury due to slipping and falling in a retail establishment or a public place is not something anyone plans on doing. Even so, accidents can happen and the person or entity responsible should cover any medical or other costs associated with the incident. This is where the support offered by a slip and fall law attorney in Lancaster will come in handy. Here are some of the ways that the attorney will protect the interests of the client.

Serving as the Primary Contact

There is a good chance that the responsible party, along with the insurance company, will want to settle the matter as quietly as possible. This does not mean the settlement offer will come automatically or even be a reasonable one at first. The more likely scenario is that the other party will look for ways to shift at least part of the blame for the accident to the injured person. In order to do so, there may be attempts to communicate with the injured party and phrase questions in such a way that the individual says something that can be interpreted in more than one way.

By choosing to hire a Slip And Fall Law Attorney in Lancaster, it is possible to direct all communications through the legal counsel. This has the effect of preventing the client from saying anything that could be taken as an admission of partial responsibility. Necessary conversations with the other party can take place in the presence of the legal counsel, and no remarks are made without the express consent of the attorney.

Taking Care of Settlement Negotiations

The attorney will strive to secure a reasonable settlement for the client. This involves evaluating the medical expenses involved with the treatment and recovery of injuries sustained during the fall. If the opinion of medical experts is that the client will need some type of ongoing treatment for those injuries, that will be factored into the negotiations. In many instances, it is possible to come to terms with the responsible party and set up a settlement plan that is agreeable to everyone concerned.

For anyone who has been injured as the result of a fall, click here and arrange to meet with an attorney today. Doing so will be the first step in putting the matter in the past where it belongs.

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