Floor Installers Save The Day From Unwanted Interlopers

It remains to be seen, whether people would continue to have carpeting in their homes, if they knew what lurked below the surface. This thought process could apply also to other types of flooring as well. We all know however, that flooring of all types is here to stay, regardless of whether it’s carpeting, hardwoods, vinyl or tile. Few know the random, factual tidbits that go back to the origination of carpeting in particular, what is growing or living down in it, and how these unwanted guests have learned to adapt and survive as invaders in the typical home. It’s a profusion of fascinating information to ponder, and all the more reason to install new, quality carpeting or flooring.

It’s hard to believe, but the use of carpeting goes back to 2000 years ago. It is morbidly fascinating to know too, that carpeting can stockpile soil up to a pound a year, in it or under it. Up to 2000 dust mites could pitch a tent in just one ounce of that soil and dust too. Alongside the soil and dust-mites, shed, human skin-flakes can be found in the number of 1.5 million per hour. Fast and proficient navigators such as bed bugs and fleas, may build their home there too, which will surely escalate a new level of disgust to know. Fido and Felix might just need that flea treatment after all.

So how about bacteria and viruses living in carpet? Salmonella can thrive in carpeting for up to four weeks. The Norovirus, which causes the severe effects of the stomach flu, is quite proficient at surviving on carpetting’s surface. All the more reason to ensure that any old flooring is replaced, and that it is properly cleaned and maintained. Floor Installers at Elite Carpet can help alleviate your dismay and disgust from these unwanted interlopers.

Contacting Floor Installers is an excellent means of putting the aforementioned flooring nightmares to rest. By replacing the old, and bringing in the new flooring that best serves your family, the survival and longevity of pests and unwanted bacteria’s days are numbered. It is suspect though, that the life of carpeting will continue on beyond the noted 2000 years despite it all. You can connect with them on Facebook for futher news and updates!

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