Roofing Issues That Need Code Violation Repair

The building block of any roof begins with its underlying structure. The structure is designed to support all of the materials and stress placed on the roof. If this structure isn’t sound, it will require a Code Violation Repair. Some roofing materials such as slate or tile will require meeting a stricter roofing code. If changing to a heavier grade of roofing material, the structure will need to be strengthened to accommodate the new weight.

Venting issues are another item that can result in a code violation. Roofs need to be properly vented. This venting allows the roof to breath and get rid of the moisture that can accumulate in attic spaces. Because the attic is not typically insulated, mold can grow on the rafters. In addition, the trapped hot air can make the house less energy efficient and increase energy bills. Vents also must be screened off to prevent the entry of animals into the attic.

Roofing code violations can also occur with the roofing material. In many cases, this is layer after layer of roofing material added to existing material. Too many layers can put stress on the roofing material without adding anything to the water protection qualities. A Code Violation Repair will need to be done to restore the integrity of the roof. This will involve removing all of the layers of roofing material. Afterward, the wooden structure will need to be inspected to ensure that the extra material has not caused damage.

Roofs are covered under the building code. This code is designed to keep the roof in its proper place. Shoddy repair work or construction could create code violations that need to be addressed. If the roof has been officially inspected and code violations were found, contact Watkins Construction & Roofing. Repairs of these violations should be done as soon as possible to maintain the integrity of the roof. You can also connect with them on Google+ for more updates!

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