Follow the Advise of Probate Law Lawyers in Topeka, KS and Protect Your Loved Ones with a Will

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Well over half of all Americans have found it easy to put off making a will. They work very hard to take care of their families and certainly love them. However, they don’t take the small amount of time needed to provide the crucial protection provided by a will.

Some people schedule an appointment with Probate Law Lawyers in Topeka, KS after seeing firsthand the difficulties experienced by those left behind when their loved one had not set a will. Probate under these conditions is unnecessarily complex and cumbersome.

All Parents of Minor Children Need a Will

An unbelievable 92% of those under 35 don’t have a will. Parents know better than anyone else who would do the best job parenting their children were they not able, and they need to express their wishes legally with a will. Without a will, however, the court would decide who should become responsible for the care of the children.

Problems with Property or a Business

After someone dies without a will, the family may be suddenly faced with unanticipated issues. Suppose two family members were running a business together, did not have succession plans in place, and one suddenly died. The heirs of the deceased now have no interest in the business and probably no desire to become involved, wanting the remaining owner to buy them out. Without proper planning, there could be no good way to solve this situation.

If the property or a bank account is held jointly and titled correctly, it will transfer to the survivor without needing to go through probate. If one spouse holds money or property in their name alone, it will pass to the spouse or, if there are children, the spouse will get half and the children will divide the other half. This could result in a teen or young adult suddenly receiving a chunk of money that they would not handle properly. A will or living trust can prevent these unintended consequences.

It’s impossible to anticipate and plan for everything that could happen, but a will and other estate planning documents can leave surviving family members far better positioned. Take the time to discuss your situation with probate law lawyers in Topeka, KS. At Debenham Law Office LLC, Mr. Debenham is experienced with wills, living wills, power of attorneys, and other forms of estate planning. If there is no will, he could assist with probate and estate administration.

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