Four Reasons You Should Vaccinate Your Newborn

Four Reasons You Should Vaccinate Your Newborn

Vaccines have become a hot topic in parenting circles both online and in real life. Due to misinformation and scare tactics, many new parents are made to believe that vaccines are dangerous. If you are the parent of a newborn or expecting a child soon, you may be overwhelmed with information. Here are four reasons you should seek newborn vaccination in North Charleston, SC:

1. Vaccines are the Safe Choice

Vaccines must undergo vigorous testing before they are given to children. Experts in the field dedicate years of their lives to ensuring safety and effectiveness. Although your child may experience some discomfort when the shot is first given, this is temporary. In turn, your child may be saved from a serious disease.

2. Protect Against Dangerous Diseases

Many illnesses threaten the health of children in the United States. Immunizations can protect your child against the serious effects of diseases like measles, whooping cough, and hepatitis B. You can arm your child against these potentially fatal diseases by staying on the vaccination schedule.

3. Diseases Know No Bounds

Thanks to successful vaccines, horrifying diseases like polio has been wiped off the face of the United States. However, these diseases still exist in some places where people do not have access to so many vaccines. There’s no telling when polio or another danger could cross the border into your home town. Vaccinating your children can help protect them from such a threat.

4. You Could Save Another Child’s Life

While vaccines are safe for almost all people, some children cannot be vaccinated due to medical concerns. These children have weakened immune systems and rely on what is called “herd immunity” for protection. Herd immunity occurs when the overwhelming majority of people are vaccinated, preventing a disease from taking hold in the community and affecting the sick children.

As a parent, you have many choices to make regarding your child’s health. Choosing newborn vaccination in North Charleston, SC could save your child’s life.

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