Frequently Asked Questions About AC Repair In Bellingham, WA

Frequently Asked Questions About AC Repair In Bellingham, WA

When the weather outside is hot, individuals must have reliable air conditioners working to keep the inside of their homes cool. When the air conditioner stops working for any reason, individuals must quickly contact a company that specializes in AC Repair in Bellingham WA. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn about common air conditioning problems and repair.

What causes an air conditioner to begin blowing out warm air instead of cold air?

When the air that flows out of an air conditioner is no longer cold enough to cool the home, there are several possible explanations. Homeowners should first look at their thermostat to make sure that it’s on the correct setting. If the air conditioner still isn’t producing ample cold air, the condenser that’s part of the outside unit may need cleaning or it may be obstructed due to grass or weeds. Other causes include a compressor that isn’t working or does not have enough refrigerant.

What would cause an air conditioning unit to continually cycle off and on?

When an air conditioning unit won’t stay running and it keeps shutting off and on, the problem is usually due to an excess amount of dirt in the evaporator or condenser unit. A professional air conditioning technician should be called to thoroughly clean these important components.

Does the air conditioning system need to be replaced if it doesn’t turn on at all?

When the air conditioning unit fails to turn on, individuals should first check to make sure there’s power to the system. If so, the problem is most likely due to a faulty condenser unit. When air conditioning units begin to fail, it’s usually because this component has stopped working. A certified technician who specializes in AC Repair in Bellingham WA can replace the condenser unit to remedy the problem. If the air conditioning unit is old or if it isn’t as efficient as it should be, individuals may want to think about replacing the entire unit.

Individuals in Bellingham who need to have their central air conditioner repaired can contact Lynden Sheet Metal, Inc. for superior service. Schedule an appointment with one of their experienced technicians for fast and reliable air conditioner repair.

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