Tips for Handling Bullying and Workplace Harassment

Bullying in the work place is one form of workplace harassment that has come to light in recent years and is steadily getting worse. In an age when shootings are happening more and more frequently in the workplace, it’s important to get a handle on any type of bullying that you feel may be going on in your business. With that in mind, read on below for a few tips for handling bullying in your business before it gets out of control.

Put Workplace Harassment Training in Place
The first thing you need to do is put effective workplace harassment training in place for your employees. They need to know what bullying in the workplace is, the signs, and exactly how to go about reporting it if they see it or are subject to any type of workplace harassment.

Look at Your Own Behavior
Taking a good long look at your own behavior is another way to handle bullying in your business. If you are a type A, then you could be coming off as rude, blunt, and even rough at times. If employees feel that you do it and get by with it, they may start to think it’s okay for them to do it as well, ending in tragic consequences.

Have Strict Policies in Place
Having strict policies in place is another way to cut down on the workplace harassment and bullying. Make sure that you enforce those policies, so that employees won’t think it’s okay to bully others because nothing is ever done about it.

These are just a few tips to help you control bullying in your workplace. For more information on workplace harassment training, contact the professionals at Interactive Services now with any questions and concerns you might have.

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